Photos at Taktlos Festival 2019 © by Moritz Bichler.


TomRamon is Ramon Landolt’s former solo project.  It started by exploring “biodigital” music in collaboration with Fa Ventilato (2012, NYC). The project has evolved into a research within electronic and computer music. The current interest of the project focuses on  digital algorithms creation and application that allow a wide range of possiblities to the performer’s musical and artistic ideals.
One of the last compositions, piece “7.83”, is based on the Schumann resonance - a frequency which surrounds the earth since the planet’s atmosphere has evolved. This particular frequency serves as the fundamental pitch of the music piece. Through its multiples and their compositional organisation the piece takes the listener to a sonic experience where pitches glide, ascend and descend to and from 7.83 Hertz.